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I am currently self employed and living life like a bachelor. My name is Tyler, I work for myself and with a few of my friends. We all work together to bring content to the great thing that is the internet. The content that we are bringing to the internet is pretty simple. Home remedies and natural medicine is our main focus. I am obsessed with this because growing up I was always around homeopathic medicine and my grandmother taught me so much. Lucky for me I got to enjoy her company for 78 beautiful years that she was alive. The fact that she taught me so much really inspired to me continue to focus on my blogging career and keep it going. I make blogs about specific ideas and very specific home remedies as well. This blog is about how to have a natural miscarriage. If you like what you see please follow us and like the channel. Please use the comment box below to contact us if you would like to ask any of us a question the comment box is always there for you!